Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update: Week 4 is about to Proceed.

Tomorrow I am starting the fourth week of classes here at IWU. WOW! Some big things that have happened since being here are:

1.... I bought a bike! This was super exciting because, although I live in the lodges.... they are a little more remote on campus. Therefore the appeal of having a bike on campus sky rocketed. I have not named the bike yet, but I am open to suggestions. It is a silver blue color.

2.... Softball- We have been having a "Fall Ball" season for softball which is nice because we have been able to enjoy our time outside before the field is covered in snow. We played 3 games all back to back to back and we were supposed to do the same this weekend, but we were rained out. This was nice in some ways because it allowed me to catch up on some homework, sleep, and just be rejuvenated for this up coming week. Although the break was nice, I must admit it has been fun to be back with the team again. In the outfield we have been working hard as well as getting an ab workout from laughing. Coach Stroup always leads our drills and boy do we pick on her. It is fun to laugh out there though, and we are all pushing each other to be better and better. I'm really glad to be a part of it. Like Christi would say... "GET SERIOUS."

3.... Classes- This semester I have 2 night classes, and a completely different schedule from what I am used to. I usually had early classes, started at 7:50 and then tried to be done early. Now, I do not have class until 12 on Thursdays, and 1:30 on Monday and Wednesday. It is quite a change. The neat thing about my schedule is that it has enabled me to wake up, do homework and spend a little extra time with God. In about a week though, I will receive my placement for my practicum. For teaching I am supposed to go out into the schools and observe, help, and even teach a little. This is great so that by the time I am ready to student teach, I am not just thrown into the wolves. PTL. A challenge this semester has been my Spanish class. On the first day the prof. I was supposed to have was not there because he was having emergency surgery. That was a curve ball I was not expecting. But God has been good through all of it. Our interim prof. has been great. She is difficult and speaks fast Spanish 100% of the time but she really has an amazing heart for God. I shared that I was struggling with the class, and she has just been great at helping equip me for the class. We had our first test on Thursday and when I walked in, I knew exactly as much as I needed.

4.... My roommate (roomie) is Kayla. We have had a TON of fun. She plays basketball here at IWU, and so she's been getting up @ 5:30 everyday for conditioning but its her last day! She made it. The coolest thing is that she bought this basketball hoop that we put up in our room so now we can have sweet competitions. She beat me in our first game of PIG but I am not worried. It was only our first game. :)

5.... God has just been really great here @ IWU and especially in my life. We had "summit" which is basically our spiritual emphasis week, and I was just blown away by how God is working in me step by step. The entire summer I felt SO in tune with Him. Every action and step I took I tried to see Him. Why should that change just because I come back to school? That does not mean I have to be some super spiritual fanatic. It just means that the person who I was the first two years at school has a new sense of peace. God is in charge, and I am determined to not let stress get the best of me.

Overall, School is great. Classes are tough, but it is refreshing to see my friends and approach everything that comes my way with a peaceful joy. Oh, and life is always better when you have a bike. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm a Junior?

I just wanted to send a quick update. Yesterday I moved in to the Lodges here at IWU. The campus seems to have a different feel to it this semester. I am now in upper classman housing. WOW. People now think I am old so it seems. :D

I'm rooming with Kayla and we have just had a great time so far. We've laughed a TON and both decided that we "Hate each other." :) It is weird to be here and not have classes. The schedule is SO free. Its like all of us don't know what to do. Fortunately classes start tomorrow. That harsh reality hit me when I spent over $300.00 on books and still didn't buy some for one class. My goodness.

My computer is still on the fritz so I am using one of my friends to update this. Hopefully my mac will return to me. Of course its a holiday weekend. Funny stuff. I am excited to see all that this year has in store for me. Hopefully God blows it out of the water. :)