Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm going to WV.... TICKS!

Well, it is May 21, 2009 and I have been packing,
(to quote Tam)

“like it’s my job and I’m good at it.”

At this point I am just astonished that it is the end of my sophomore year of college. After working at “The Spot” last year, I had no idea this summer would mean me taking off for West Virginia.

Before I left for college I remember thinking I was so excited to see what all was out there. I had always known Angola (A-town) but life had to stretch beyond the “Land of 101 lakes.” Well when the time came to go to school, I realized what it meant to be homesick. It definitely helped knowing that Christi was at school, and we started right up with softball so thankfully, I didn’t have a bunch of time to mope around.

No surprise here, I was a social butterfly my freshman year. I made a lot of friends AND had the BEST unit on campus. It was an incredible experience, and I knew Indiana Wesleyan University had been the right choice for me. Last summer after our softball season ended, our team went on a missions’ trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Who knew how much this would prepare me for what I am about to encounter this summer. This most recent trip bumped my count for going on mission trips up to a whopping 2 trips, but my passion for serving the Lord on the mission field exploded. I knew I wanted to help others experience how life changing it can be to see other’s come to know Christ.

Less than a year later, that opportunity has come. This summer I am going to be working with YouthWorks, leading teens in their endeavors to REALLY meet with God. It is scary to think that God has such stretching plans for me but I am confident that this is where I am supposed to be. For me, the hiring process at YouthWorks was smooth. Just recently I found out that over 2200 people apply for these positions and only 300 are hired. Wow. Thank you Lord for such wonderful confirmation!

Even though I know YW is the right move for me this summer, nerves have been consuming me. I think this is because of the ways I was truly blessed down at school this year. The fun never seemed to stop. The best part however, was that along with a bunch of laughs, God blessed me with a group of friends that is fun but focused on Christ. Something I had been praying for, the Lord just seemed to give in abundance.

I made it home on Tuesday and like I said, packing has been the story of my life. On Sunday, Steve & Jodie and I will be saying hasta luego to A-town. We will head to Pennsylvania, where they will drop me off in Philadelphia for a week of training. From there I will head to Lincoln County, West Virginia for the rest of the summer. I have never been to West Virginia so it will definitely be an adventure!

I think the most qualified thing worth sharing is Jodie’s response to hearing about my placement. On the phone I told her:

“Mom! I just found out my placement. It says I’m in the Appalachia Mountains in Lincoln County, West Virginia.”

Silently I waited for her response.

It was short, and exclamatory…