Saturday, November 7, 2009

From now on just call me "Abe"

Here is my attempt to stay true to my word and continue writing on this blog. :)

If I had to pick a word to describe my life lately I would say, "Abraham." God has certainly been throwing me for a loop. After an incredible summer in West Virginia, I am still recognizing the life changes God made in my heart. It is easy to say that with time you forget what happens and you return back to your old self, and in some ways this has been true. But at the same time, I know that God is active in my life right now.

Over the summer I learned to seek Him and search for Him in everything. And you know what the cool thing is? I have been able to see Him. For example: I know coincidences happen, but can you explain going to multiple churches, several chapel services, and even in class having the same topic addressed? At home, in South Bend, here in Marion at church and chapel, and in my classes, almost everywhere I go, we talk about one man: Abraham. So for the duration of this semester, I have been slowly given direction by God. I want to go to almost every service I can because each time another piece of the puzzle is put into place. What then does it all mean? Good question. At this point I think the lesson has been pretty simple, "Have faith."

When I first came to school, in regards to my major I knew 3 things: I liked art, people, and Spanish. Combining those seemed to be an awkward combination, but I chose Art Education with an additional major in Spanish. The Spanish major was because I fell in love with the language and people in Mexico when I went on my first missions trip. I chose to pursue it despite the fact that it was basically a triple major.

Fast forward two years, and I am now a Junior. Art classes have been amazing. They have pushed my skills but I have come to recognize just how much it is a passion for me. Spanish on the other hand is difficult. I have not felt like I have made much progress, scheduling is difficult, and I recognize that in order to complete everything it will take another year of school. For the majority of the beginning of the semester I continued to sway back and forth about what to do. Should I just drop the Spanish and graduate on time, or do I jump whole-heartedly into this new direction and pursue graduating with degrees in Art Education AND Spanish Education? Here is where Abraham comes into play.

Basically, He is my role model right now. I do not know what God has in store for me with Spanish. I am not that great at it, but I know it is the direction I am supposed to take. When I was at home, our Pastor talked about faith. Go figure. He said that as you continue in your relationship with God, you will feel prompted to do things. But how do you know if something is from God? It will require faith to be completed. I do not know how to pay for an extra year of school. I do not know why God wants me to do Spanish when I am not particularly gifted at it. But I do know that God is going to be a part of this dream. He is going to make it happen. All I am doing is taking the first step. Espanol it is!

Today is Kayla's (my roomie) first game. I am pumped. We made shirts and are prepared to be the BEST fan club ever! This is showing her GREAT love because lately she has had this knack for hanging out with me and my friends, ditching me and making my friends all HER best friends. It has been pretty hilarious to see how basically I am just her way of networking. :) There is nothing like going up to your friends and having them ask about your roomie before they ask about you. (I'm just being dramatic. She's cool.) Despite this "tension" I am standing strong and still accept her as a roomie. :) It is time for me to pull those last loose ends together and get ready to get my cheer on because game time is coming!