Friday, June 25, 2010

The Waiting Room

We've all been there before: The waiting room. We hurry and rush to get to the appointment on time and we hustle inside to sit and wait our turn. With our mind running 100 mph, we sit and fidget and try to still be productive by thieving through as many magazines as we can. Sometimes there are lots of people in the room with you, and little by little you sit there watching other people get called to go. It's there turn, while you just continue to wait. Other times, the room is completely empty. And although you would think you might get called in quickly, you find yourself waiting. At the time we think the waiting room is torture. Here we set aside a portion of our day for this "appointment" and we were on time. Why aren't they? The anticipation seems to kill us and yet I wonder; has it ever occurred to you that maybe the waiting room is necessary? Do we ever take the time to stop? It seems, the only time is when we are forced to wait.

This summer, that's where I am: the waiting room. Lots is going on around me, and yet I feel like I am just waiting my turn. I am about to be a Senior at IWU and (Wow that has gone fast!) and this summer has really had me questioning, now what? Last summer every day I was busy serving and working in the high paced YouthWorks! lifestyle. And now this summer, there is quite the change of pace while I take classes in order to graduate on time. Although I have felt confident that this is what I am supposed to be doing, lots has been going on in my heart. It just feels like God is saying, wait. Wait for me to call you in. Wait and trust me. After all, have we ever seen anyone bust down the door in order to get called out of the waiting room?

A long time ago, I wrote about how every time I went to church, Abraham was the topic. And I just really felt like the messages were directed right to me. So this whole time I have been thinking... ok, so how does this all fit? Well so far, here's what I think: I've decided that Abraham had great promises by God, but God had him wait.... big time. Well I have big dreams, and God knows those dreams. (He did create me) And although it is difficult to trust, I say that my motto is "God's got it" Seems to me that if I am going to claim that as my motto, I better follow through and believe it. Abraham jumped the gun, and took things into his own hands by taking control instead of waiting for God's timing. I guess we could consider that like someone going up and nagging the secretary about how you have been in the waiting room and you NEED to be helped. Let's remember that, the secretaries usually don't forget about you out there. And we can definitely trust that God does not forget about us. Never the less, the waiting room is still hard. Right now, it seems like others around me are having major things happen in their lives and little by little, I'm feeling like I am the only one in the room. I've read EVERY magazine, and all the sudoku puzzles are done. I didn't plan on this taking so long, but I've been there too long and don't want to just pick up and leave! So I keep waiting.... and waiting.

But you know what?!

Little by little, God is teaching me. Today, my Grandma's best friend drove up to visit her at the lake. We ended up going out for brunch, and I was captivated by this 5 foot 80 year-old. Her sense of humor and quick wit got the best of me and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. And even though I have been hating homework, taking these classes has allowed me to connect with so many people I would have never had the chance to talk with had I been working a normal summer job, or been doing YW some where. It is easy to take for granted, but I have remembered how special it is to just sit with family and eat dinner together. Steve and Jodie are a hoot and their hearts for others truly inspire me.

Finally, while I'm in this waiting room, God has reminded me of a simple truth: It is not about me. Of course when we first walk into the waiting room, it is because we have an appointment for ourselves, but what does it mean to stop and forget about the fast paced lifestyle we are so used to? For one of my classes I had to write a paper about a book of the bible. I chose Philippians, and when I was reading, it focused on seeing like God. In order to really get closer with Christ, we have to try and see like He does. Take joy in what He does, and remember to love like He does. So maybe the waiting room isn't that bad. Summer is only 1/2 over for me, and who knows what's going to happen in the waiting room. But one thing is for sure, next time I'm in a real waiting room, I'm going to remember all that God does when we stop and wait for Him.